Malleable iron pipe fitting Side Outlet Tee

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Iron pipe and pipe fittings complement a variety of looks and aesthetics, including: steampunk lighting, industrial, factory, French country farmhouse, vintage, retro, reclamation, DIY customized, exposed heating and cooling, modern, and water piping.

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[EASY TO INSTALL]  These threaded metal pipe fittings are easy to install without screws. By easily connecting threaded rods or pipes to 4-way connectors, you have the flexibility to build custom frames and shelves for your DIY furniture projects. This convenient design can be easily adjusted and modified, allowing you to create any desired shape or configuration to suit your specific needs. Say goodbye to complicated assembly processes and enjoy the simplicity and versatility of these pipe fittings for your DIY projects.

[WIDE APPLICATION]  Plumbing fittings are essential components for a variety of applications, including vintage furniture, DIY projects, and decorative shelves hanging around the home. Among the different types available, the 4-way socket tee stands out as a versatile choice for DIY enthusiasts. Its ability to connect four pipes at right angles makes it possible to create pipe furniture, hangers, shelving units, table legs and industrial-style decor. Whether you're remodeling a space or embarking on a unique project, these accessories offer endless possibilities for a custom design that perfectly suits your needs.

[WE ARE HERE TO HELP]  We value your satisfaction and strive to provide excellent customer support. If you have any questions, concerns, or issues regarding your purchase, please feel free to contact us. Our professional team is here to help you and resolve any questions you may have. We stand for product quality and are committed to ensuring your happiness. We also encourage you to share your unique creations with us and your friends. Your creativity inspires us and we're excited to see how our products are used in different ways. Thank you for choosing us as your trustworthy supplier.

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